Challenge Coins

Unique awards that stand out from the crowd

Challenge coins are often highly detailed and well suited as a token representing accomplishment. Recognising achievements with challenge coins has traditionally been for military organisations, but it’s seeing a surge in popularity amongst organisations of all kinds. The coins themselves are cost-effective and often have an extremely high perceived value when presented boxed.

Challenge coins can be a great alternative to medals as they look elegant and modern and are more easily displayed than medals, badges or trophies. It’s also common to have a set of challenge coins which are awarded as a series of accomplishments are achieved.

Typical use cases for Challenge Coins:

  • Special Achievements
  • Giveaways and Special Promotions
  • Employee Recognition
  • VIP Programs

We offer a free design service to help you craft the perfect coin that will last for years to come as a commemoration of that special achievement.

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